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Aug. 27th, 2008

Sylar calls 'bullshit' on that.

For Chainsaw

Sylar objects to this claim that he has been given a chance. Just where was this so-called "chance", he would like to know? During the flirting, perhaps, or maybe sometime around the bloody kiss?

Of course, what he'd like more is to stop being controlled by this horribly strong-willed man whose name he still doesn't know.

But the narration really doesn't see that happening, so we'll not get his hopes up.

[ooc: bzzt! bzzt! warnings for fucked-upness, sex, fucked-up sex, the fucking up of the people having sex, and overuse of the word "whilst".]

Jun. 25th, 2008


The Torturers' Academy

There's some murmuring, some small rumour of what might be apprehension, when Sylar strides into the academy foyer and announces himself. He gets this reaction pretty much everywhere, and he knows well enough by now that it's not for him but for his status as Eight-Hour Chainsaw's protegé. He's used, by this stage, to the annoyance of inspiring only second-hand awe.

(He didn't even have to give his number. No, scratch that: he didn't give his number, because he shouldn't need some faceless designation for people to recognise him.)

But here, he is less remarked-upon even than that. Because these are torturers, and whilst that means many of them have experienced Eight-Hour for themselves, it also means that they have power and status in their own right, and far less cause to gape at his name than the average Downsider.

He wonders whether Jasmine is here in the building right now, and then hastily pushes the thought away, holding his chin high and refusing to let himself shudder.

Work-in-progressCollapse )


May. 18th, 2008

More special than yoooooou.

(no subject)

Sylar --


A perma-orgasm

'How will you be defined in the Sexual Dictionary?' at QuizUniverse.com


*cough* My mun made me do it.

Sep. 14th, 2007

I'd like to see how that works

Memes fill the time, I guess.

Angel Style by greymentality
1. Name/Username
2. First Impression from OthersOthers cower in your grandeur
3. Your CoreYou have martial influence, but guided by Love.
4. Potential to Stray from the Light
5. Your WeaknessYou keep getting picked to play Death each day.
6. Your StrengthYou are the Bard of the Angels.
7. Your WingsGreat raptor wings, like a falcon or eagle
8. Your FocusHonesty


2: This one I like.
3: ...Riiight. (Though I did first read that as "marital influence"...)
4: Well, I can admit the logic behind this one.
5: XD I love it when memes are unintentionally accurate.
6: I played trombone back in school, if it counts.
7: I suppose a bird of prey is appropriate.
8: ...Ahahahahahahahaha. I take back the accuracy comment!

Sep. 7th, 2007

Bluffing like a pro

For Alec Troven

Mohinder's apartment is a Godawful mess, and Sylar's first thought is to move Alec somewhere less... well, less suspicious. New gazelles will hardly come grazing if you leave the bones of the old ones lying about raw, after all.

"We should leave. If there were robbers or something, they might come back."

'Robbers' here having the meaning of 'Mohinder', who might return at any moment and bring it with a wheelie-map interfere. Again.

Sep. 6th, 2007



...the layout of sages_of_chaos when you're replying, or looking at a single thread among several, annoys me. It randomly stops you from reading the original post, or takes you back to the screen with all the abbreviated threads, or EXPLODES. D:

Sep. 3rd, 2007

Don&#39;t I deserve salvation?

Meme... thing.

No, really, she's stalking me! I'm being pursued by a woman who can't be killed and who *likes* being hurt! It's like I'm in Hell or something!Collapse )

Aug. 31st, 2007


Stole a meme from Eight-Hour. BECAUSE I CAN.

Don't ask why I was reading that... creature's journal! I just stumbled across it, I swear!

Stand aside, mortals! Sylar is loose and he's coming at you like a flannel!Collapse )

Aug. 29th, 2007

Dark // Lurk

Sylar's Wacky Adventures in Downside

The Downside Sylar is slightly AU, in that he died at Kirby Plaza. Warnings apply to all threads for personal injury and/or property damage. Is anyone surprised?

Turns out when a murderous jackass dies he ends up Downside. And, as you might imagine, Sylar is decidedly less than pleased at learning that he is dead. (And on top of that, his lack of mourners mean his apartment could barely fit a cockroach, let alone him. He doesn't even have a tower. How is that fair?)

On the bright side, though, he makes a new friend, who gives him the very sage advice to go visit the Contractors if he doesn't want his mind flayed to shreds before the month is out. There, our favourite psycho killer manages to make yet another bestest buddy in the form of the infamous Eight-Hour Chainsaw. And what's a little attempted murder between friends?

Aware that he's mightily screwed, thanks to Eights besmirching his shining reputation all over Downside, Sylar devises a Cunning Plan to steal Eden's power and then just tell everyone to be nice to him. This prompts a visit to Crimson Grand Library, to curse the crappy computers, kick the librarian about a bit, and find out where aforementioned superhuman lives. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, Sylar is going after Eden's tasty spicy braaains! Second time lucky?


Though he does earn a surprising ally (and this time we don't even mean that sarcastically), and the roleplay as a whole gains a brand spanking new community.

Aug. 27th, 2007

Dark // Lurk

Why should I fill in a... 'relationship meme', of all things?

…I really don’t know why I’m filling this in, but it’s either that or play endless rounds of Texas Hold-'Em with the New York sewer rats, and I have a feeling they keep hustling me.


I may, just possibly, have written in the wrong section.Collapse )